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Prescription drug information is available in many areas of our website and by following the links we've installed to other reliable sources from many other sites. Our site offers both the generic and brand name options for each drug.

Each ailment section includes a brief description, followed by individual entries of all the currently appropriate off-label drugs that might be used to treat that disorder. Under every ailment listed, you’ll find, first, the “Commonly Prescribed (On-Label)” drugs approved to treat the ailment, then, the generic and brand names of each relevant “Off-Label Prescription Option” drug, its off-label use.

Each individual profile gives an up-to-date summary about the drug, including uses for approved indications, side effects, interactions with other drugs, herbs, or foods, and warnings. This data, although comprehensive, is not complete, and you should consult your doctor prior to making any changes in therapy.

Of course, our site is not intended to be a self-diagnostic tool. Nor should this site be a substitute for the expertise of a physician. Your doctor is best equipped to assess symptoms and prescribe treatment based on your personal medical history, a physical examination, and diagnostic tests. Patients should always consult a physician before discontinuing a prescription drug or starting any drug treatment.

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